Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Rahul Shukla

Software Developer

Android Apps
Desktop Applications
Embedded Systems
Client Interaction

About Me

Software developer with experience ranging from developing softwares for memory constrained embedded systems to desktop systems.

Tech Skills

C, C++, Qt, Android Apps development using Java, Android Architectures (MVP and MVVM), Google Firebase, Amazon S3, Google Analytics, AdMob SVN, GIT

Applications Developed

Prior Experience

Starting as a software intern in a startup, I have worked in multiple MNCs. Worked as a founding member with a startup and have experience in freelancing too.

Vesica Piscis Software India Pvt Ltd

The Adventure!

VesicaPiscis was a startup by two of my ex-collegue Mr. Varun Maniyan (CTO) and Mr. Inderjeet (CEO). I happened to join them as a Founding member.

Aristocrat Gaming India Pvt Ltd

Turning Point!

I was associated with Aristocrat for a mere time period of 4 Months. This is where I got the motivation and courage to move on for the adventure!

Samsung Electronics India Pvt Ltd

The Leap!

The first ever big brand I have been associated with. Learned, travelled and experienced a lot. Made few life time friends. The golden period.

Monsoon Multimedia India Pvt Ltd

The Beginning

The first exposure to software industry. I started my journey as a software engineer here. Lots of memories, some good friends. I had a fantastic life here. Still alive in heart.


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